Wide Western Belt Bundle

Calling all bohemian spirits and cowgirls, these pieces have been our favorites denim belt pieces all year round. Whether you just want a little splash of western/boho aesthetic or a fully tooled and embellished leather strap and buckle, this collection will do it for you! All belts are around 1-2" wide. All made of 100% genuine leather. 

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      Model wearing size Small. 




1. Style 5050-Black - Wide Western Tooled Leather with Western Buckle and Turquoise Beads
2. Style 5080-Tan - Wide Leather Belt with Bohemian Buckle and Black Bead
3. Style 5051-Tan - Wide Leather Belt with Western Laser Tooling and Simple Rounded Silver Buckle
4. Style 5056-Tan - Northwestern Belt with Braiding and Studs Paired with a Western Embellished Buckle 


  • 100% Leather
  • Customer favorites with proven great sell through!
  • Available to ship NOW!
  • Prepacks: all belt styles are prepacked 6 pieces each. (S-2, M-2, L-2)
  • Total Quantity for Bundle: 4 styles X 6 pc prepack = 24 total units

Size Guide: 

  • XS: 00-2
  • S: 0-4
  • M:4-8
  • L:8-12
  • XL: 12-16
  • If you want to choose your own size, just send us a quick message with your order letting us know what size break down you'd like. As long as the total quantity is 6 pieces!
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email, phone, messenger, or Instagram DMs!

Email: info@mostwantedusa.com
Call: 212-244-1224
Follow Us: @mostwantedusa

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