Earthy Tone Neutral Belt Bundle

This is one of our favorite collections, the Earthy Tone Neutral Belt Bundle. The mixture of olives, camel, and solid black makes this an easily pairable assortment. These styles are perfect all year round for your boutique! These neutrals paired with a gold tone single O circle or double C buckle makes for a classic and minimalist look. All belts are around 1" wide. All made of 100% genuine leather. 

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      Model wearing size Small. 



1. Style 5079-BLACK - Narrow Leather Belt with Gold Tone CC Buckle
2. Style 5079-CAMEL - Narrow Leather Belt with Gold Tone CC Buckle
3. Style 5036-OLIVE - Narrow Leather Belt with Gold Tone Single O Buckle
4. Style 5036-CAMEL - Narrow Leather Belt with Gold Tone Single O Buckle
Style 5035-BLACK - Skinny Leather Belt with Rounded Gold Tone Buckle
6. Style 5035-Olive Skinny Leather Belt with Rounded Gold Tone Buckle



  • 100% Leather
  • Customer favorites with proven great sell through!
  • Available to ship NOW!
  • Prepacks: all belt styles are prepacked 6 pieces each. (S-2, M-2, L-2)
  • Total Quantity for Bundle: 6 styles X 6 pc prepack = 36 total units

Size Guide: 

  • XS: 00-2
  • S: 0-4
  • M:4-8
  • L:8-12
  • XL: 12-16
  • If you want to choose your own size, just send us a quick message with your order letting us know what size break down you'd like. As long as the total quantity is 6 pieces! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email, phone, messenger, or Instagram DMs!

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