About us


Most Wanted USA designs and creates handcrafted leather handbags and accessories for everyday wear. Designed in their NYC studio and inspired by rustic western pieces, Most Wanted infuses vibrant bohemian accents to traditionally western bags. We know what it means to be busy in this fast paced digital world, you need to dress to impress while busting your chops! Most Wanted USA brings high quality yet trendy leather bags to the next level by aiming to provide bags that will accompany you on the road while you chase your #mostwanteddreams!

Keep on Dreaming!
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ABOUT I + J – Sisters & COFOUNDERs

Like many crazy and hard to believe ideas, Most Wanted USA began with a leap of faith! Two sisters joined together to create a handbag and accessories business in the hopes of achieving their #mostwanteddreams while inspiring dreamers like YOU along the way. Since their start in August 2015, they’ve been on an incredible journey to discover many facets of the business and themselves - Most Wanted USA currently retails to 300+ boutiques in the US, Europe, and Japan as well as in stores and sites such as Free People, shopbop.com, LF Stores and many more! Many thanks to our customers and those who follow our story – if you haven’t already, follow us on instagram, @mostwantedusa!   

Love, I + J