What does UNIQUE even mean? A Startup Story

April 04, 2017

What does UNIQUE even mean? A Startup Story

Hi Guys! 

A serious question has been roaming and pushing it's way to the forefront of my brain lately, which is: what is UNIQUE? What does it mean to you, and how can we bring that trait into fruition into a product to provide value for you?

As you know, my sister and I create bags for people like us and have started a company, Most Wanted USA, to share these pieces with you. Out there in brick and mortar stores or online, there wasn't really pieces we thought embodied any relative difference. What do I mean? We thought all bags looked the same in it's shape, material and design. We wanted to make something UNIQUE. Something that wasn't already out there yet was simple and classy enough to be worn everyday to school, work or just hanging out with friends. A companion to take with you on all life's adventure, as cheesy as it might sound.  

"[We] don’t have all the cash $$’s in the world to buy a Hermes yet would like to be distinctive and ultimately showcase our true selves."

So we started to pull together ideas and inspiration to create our first collection of bags we thought were "different yet still simple." We brought them to our first trade show, then lo and behold, FREE PEOPLE approached us to place an order, right away! WHAT?! That was some amazing luck. Or maybe, just maybe, we were sitting on something pretty fantastic! So we got to work and designed four more collections of interesting yet quality AND sensibly priced leather bags & accessories for people like us. People who don't have all the cash $$'s in the world to casually buy a Hermes yet would like to be distinctive and ultimately showcase ourselves. 

First Tradeshow Booth

First Trade Show Booth at Javits Center in NYC

After four collections, and now we are on our fifth - we are starting to get stuck. We are not connecting with people like ourselves anymore. I wonder if we still embody that same spirit of fun and uniqueness that we did a year an a half ago. So, that is why we'd like to rediscover what it means to be UNIQUE and AUTHENTIC. I'd really like to share more transparently about our startup "journey" with you. To be able to grow a brand or a project with an active audience is truly powerful. I, myself, am excited to connect with you and maybe inspired your entrepreneurial heart into action! Truly. I don't think we can do it alone and will need all your help to bring you valuable bags that you would like to see more of and ultimately bring out your UNIQUE-NESS FACTOR! (Is that even a word?)  

It seems hard to put into words, but is there truly a singular product that all would agree is unique enough to provide value to a customer? I don't know, but I'm willing to find out!

If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or would like to share more of what you find "unique", please comment below and tune in for more Co-Founder Written Blogs on our Most Wanted USA website

Good Luck to you all and I'm sending lots of the love and encouragement over the internet! Keep moving forwards, guys!

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