"Ugly" Sneaker Trend

August 10, 2018

"Ugly" Sneaker Trend

So for a few months the "ugly" sneaker trend has been hitting the high fashion scene and it has trickled down to fast fashion. It has taken a lot of time and trend searching to kinda like to trend. I would never spend thousands of dollars but maybe I would get something for a more moderate price.

Here i'm listing so ones I like and ones that sparked the trend!

1. Fila Sneaker

These sneakers are a very popular choice for a lower price chunky sneaker. I've seen them on youtuber Olivia Jade and fashion Instagram @bighappydays.

2. Balenciaga Sneaker

I'd say the trend leader of these sneakers were Balenciaga or Yeezy. These are sneakers are seen on varies celebrities and have been impossible to get. 

3. Asos Sneaker 

These sneakers have a Yezzy vibe to me with the earth tone coloring. Also I think these are a good starter sneaker because they aren't too crazy, but just the right amount "ugly".

4. Public Desire Sneaker

These sneakers are also a more casual ugly sneaker. Keeping with neutral colors is a safe and easy way to join in on the crazy trend.

Leave a comment down below if you love or hate this trend! 



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