Trend Report: COLOR

April 23, 2018

Trend Report: COLOR

Now that spring is here a new chapter of colors and styles open! During the springsummer 2018 fashion shows, there were certain colors that were appearing all over the runway. After the shows, Pantone makes a list of all the colors they project to be the biggest trends during the upcoming season. Head over the Pantone to read more about it. (read me) 

This is just a little break down of some of my favorite colors for spring 2018 and where to buy some items in these colors. 

1. Cherry Red- This color is my favorite color for spring. Purple and pinks are spring classics so this cherry red will surely make a statement. Styling this bold red will be easy to pair with denim jeans and shorts as well as a bold dress.

2. Little Boy Blue- Light blue is a perfect spring color. It's easy to pair with lots of different colors. This blue color has a rich purple undertone that will continue to look great all through summer. 

3. Pink Lavender- This beautiful tone a spring classic. This color is used on a wide variety of different silhouettes and always looks great. Pink lavender is a color that I believe will last long after spring/summer 2018. 

4. Blooming Dahlia- Earth tones have been trending all through fall/winter 2017 and will continue into spring/summer 2018. This tone has been used extensively in Fendi, Chloe, and Tibi fashion shows. 

5. Ultra Violet- This deep purple color looks great on all skin tones and hair colors. This color is so fitting for the blooming season of spring. 


Cherry Red dress (buy me)  

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