Travel Essentials: LONDON

June 11, 2018

Travel Essentials: LONDON

I just came back from being in London for two weeks and I have put together a list of items that I wouldn't have been able to go without! 

1. A light jacket: London was warm during the days but in the mornings and at night it got cold. It was colder than I expected for being the end of May into June. My go to jacket was a light trench from London Fog. Not only did it keep me warm but it kept me dry on the dreary London days. 

2. Foldable tote: In London you have to pay for 5-10 pence for plastic bags at stores when you buy something. One way to avoid that cost I always carried my foldable tote with me or some old plastic bags. 

3. Shoe Inserts: (no i'm not 85, their just very comfortable) Having good walking shoes is a must on any trip especially one where your going to be walking a lot. Too take it one step up I bought gel shoe inserts from Target and they saved my feet everyday. 

4. Baker Hat: To save you time and stress about your hair get a staple hat. The humidity was crazy in London and my hair defiantly took it hard. With this baker boy hat I had a no fuss hair look and shielded myself for the rain on some days. 

5. Fanny Pack: Yes, you could end up looking like the ultimate tourist but "belt bags" are the hottest trend in street fashion right now. They are the right amount of function and fashion. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Rihanna are seen rocking these all over. 

These are five of my game changing items that I had in London and will have with me on my future adventures! 

These are some of my exact favorites!

Light Jacket

Shoe Inserts

Baker Boy Hat

Fanny Pack




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