Stay Effortlessly Stylish While Traveling

February 24, 2017

Stay Effortlessly Stylish While Traveling

One of our favorite things to do is to travel. Whether it's enjoying homemade pasta in Italy, going scuba diving in Australia, or riding along on an African safari, we're most happy when we are experiencing new places and cultures. 
Aside from traveling, we enjoy fashion just as much, and so while heading out on a new adventure we employ a few techniques to show our personal style while away from home.
The biggest issue to note, is comfort. Most likely you will be walking around more than you normally do, so you need to make sure to pack comfortable shoes that are suitable for almost any event you may find yourself. 
It's important to bring along a bag or tote that is large enough to carry your essentials. Make sure its light weight, allowing transport to be more comfortable as you go about your day. A few of our favorite bags to take along with us include our: Cynthia Backpack,  the Madison Belt Pouch, and our Voyager Tote
A simple way to dress up any outfit, is to add accessories. A simple bag like our Tiffany Satchel is a great example, as it is easy to transition between a casual outfit during the day, to an evening out. Accessories that add character or pops of color are also great ways to help add personality to your ensemble, while staying comfortable. Our Embellished Slim Strip bracelets and American Eagle Cuffs are perfect for this. 
How do you like to stay comfortable and stylish on your travels? 

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