May 14, 2018


Most Wanted USA's office team is made up of four women who get it done! We all do our different jobs and luckily it all comes together perfectly to form our brand.  Here's a little bit more about our team!


My sister Irene and I started Most Wanted USA as a means to fulfill a childhood dream of starting a business together (definitely-a-leap-of-faith-type-moment.) As the business began to grow, Irene always reminds me that we should each use our "gifts" to move MW to the next level. I fell into more of an operational/business development type of role for the company. Here at MW everyone on the team does pretty much everything. Personally, I consider my role as "overthinker," since I often find myself looking at the overall picture i.e. which buyers we should be targeting next, which tradeshow/holiday market we need to attend next, or who is the next member to join the MW team etc. Outside of work, I recently found myself rediscovering my love for the piano - so might find me gushing over Joe Hisaishi's albums or cute theme songs like from the Pixar animation Up.


By day I am replying to emails, preparing next season's collection, some customer service related work, and Facetiming with our production team. The rest of the time I am dreaming, creating and learning the needs of our buyers/audience. Each day brings new challenges and insights. It's been an incredible journey for our team,  that’s brought us around the world and many beautiful friendships. To be able to design and innovate is a dream come true. And to be able to share it with others is a privilege. When I am not in work mode, I am most likely spending time with loved ones, inventing new recipes in the kitchen, or possibly driving around in my red VW buggy. 



Because we are such a small team, we all truly wear many hats in the company. For the most part, I do marketing at Most Wanted USA. This includes creating emails for our newsletter subscribers, photography, Instagram, making flyers for buyers, Facebook advertisements, designing the website, reaching out to influencers to represent our brand, and more! Every single day is different, which is what makes my job so fun! In my free time, you can find me walking around the city taking photos, screen printing, thrifting, or seeing movies (thank you MoviePass!) 


Here at Most Wanted I spend my time doing a little bit of everything. I scroll through Instagram finding inspiration, I'm calling our buyers to check on our products and I'm also here writing on the blog. Outside of the office I am a crazy busy college student studying the best subject in the! Most of my free time is spent reading blogs and researching new trends. My interests include fashion (of course) but it varies from styling to merchandising and everything in between, it just depends on the day! My #mostwanteddream is to become a stylist and work with clients all over the world. 

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