Meet Emily!

August 08, 2019

Meet Emily!

Meet our friend, Emily ( We were lucky enough to work with her and was extremely inspired by her grit, creative eye, positive-spirit, and entrepreneurial heart.  My sister and I decided to share her story with you all. She is a phenomenal photographer- concentrating on weddings, business branding, and everything in between. Check out her interview below and see how she got to where she is today! Most of all follow, Emily. Her posts are always filled with encouraging and heartfelt words that really keeps you motivated! Love her and supporting her journey!!  

 Q: What do you do? (your passion) 

My passion is capturing magical moments and helping business owners grow in their business through photography & social media coaching.  With 3 years being a social media manager, I love helping business owners thrive through their social media and I’m delighted  that I am able to capture it as well and take photos of their products. 

Q: When did you start?

I started photography when I was in High School and then took photography classes and Majored in Journalism at Texas State University. I have always been drawn to story telling through images but it wasn’t after I graduated I noticed that writing content for social media and taking photos to help businesses grow was truly my calling. After working in two different digital marketing firms, I decided to  create my own photography and social media business. I officially started last October of 2018. So I’m not even a year in my business yet! 

Q: What is the biggest factor that helped you be successful? 

Definitely not giving up even though I felt like I was getting nowhere. When I feel like I’m not moving forward, I sit down and create an execution plan to get where I want to be. Being a visual person and one who likes planning, seeing the steps I have to take to get to my goal in paper helps out a TON. It makes the journey look possible. Also, by not comparing my journey to others. For business owners, especially through social media, its difficult to not compare your journey and put yourself down but by accepting that EVERYONE has a different and long journey, you realize that you haven’t hit the light at the end of the tunnel yet but you’ll eventually get there. 

Q: Success habits/Advice?

My success habits are journaling, learning, and staying organized. Every single day I do at least one thing that will help me get to my goal. That be it by writing a blog, promoting my services, or even giving advice to fellow photographers. I also find that by journaling out everything that’s on mind and road mapping my thoughts, it gets my creativity juices flowing and I realize or learn something new about myself and my goals. Learning is another factor I take seriously, I continuously buy courses, watch YouTube channels, read, and listen to podcasts. Just because you’re a “professional” at something, there is ALWAYS something new to learn. My other habit is staying organized and planning ahead. I have two planners. One is for everything and the other is for my photography and finances. Keeping organized and staying on top of my to do’s and goals, has helped me stay focused. In my planner I have a goal/manifesting section ALWAYS and I write down my goals for the week and the month. I make sure to see it every day and do at least 1 thing to help me reach my goals. My best advice for someone starting out? Find something you’re truly passionate about (not just for money) plan out your journey and do not continuously think about the ultimate goal. One common mistake I see in a lot of entrepreneurs is that they only envision their dream but they don’t think about or plan out their plan to get there. By focusing on HOW to get there, you’re more likely to get there quicker than you thought. 

Q: This is super clique, but what's your dream? 

In all honesty, my dream has been to travel and through photography change peoples lives in same way or form. I want to leave this earth knowing I made a change in someones life with my passion. I didn’t start this business just to make money but to make an impact. Since starting, I have met such incredible people. It makes me so happy that I can be there for someone on a special day and be a part of it. From taking photos of a baby coming to this Earth to helping a mother feel beautiful again after her sons death, I have laughed and cried with several clients and that means the world to me. I try every day to be a light to others in my business by providing self love tips, anxiety tips, and always cheering on all my digital friends through words of encouragement or a free shoot here and there. My mission and my dream is to make a positive change. 



Learn more about Emily and follow her journey!
Don't forget to check out her work at her website! 

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