How to just be yourself

July 31, 2019

How to just be yourself

Whether you are trying to relax or just be yourself with friends, family, a new relationship, or at work, it takes time to let things sink in and be confidant in your own skin. 

These are three things that have help me in the past year to stay still and just be me.

1. Truly get to know yourself

This sounds kind of obvious and slight cheesy but we often overlook who we are. Maybe you are the kind of person who listens deeply and more often than not, is the first to ask how someone's day was. You might look past yourself and pre-maturely categorize yourself in a way that doesn't reflect who you truly are. 

Getting to know yourself as you would a new friend, a new co-worker, or a neighbor, is vital to truly understanding yourself. Pick up on the small quirks that you tend to have when you're by yourself and you're when with others. Notice the small differences. Be aware of what goes on inside your head. Form a relationship with the person you are becoming.

2. Start to love you are or becoming

Once again, the cheese ball is starting to roll again. As you get to know yourself more, you can recognize things that you really admire about yourself. I don't mean this in a boastful way, rather you are recognizing the things you are confidant about. You should own this and love the fact that you are naturally this way or acquired these traits/abilities through hard work and experience.

This is one of the most enjoyable parts. When you start to see yourself as something that doesn't constantly need fixing but someone who is on a beautiful journey to accomplish the goals that you seek for yourself, you'll truly learn to be yourself. Everyday will be an exciting opportunity to become more and more yourself and to grow in that identity. I believe this so empowering and can fuel you every morning you wake up. 

3. Practice makes perfect (or better every day)

Don't give yourself an unnecessary pressure to be "perfect" everyday. If so, it might have an opposite effect of what you are aiming for. Again getting to know yourself is discovering things about yourself that is amazing and great while recognizing things that you don't love. But going through this process of identifying things about yourself and learning about how you've acquired the trait and then moving forwards from it is one of the most exciting and gratifying parts of being yourself. 

Good luck on your journey. As a gift, please save the below phone back ground and save it as your wallpaper and your lock screen background to serve as a daily reminder to just keep calm and be yourself. 

We would love to know about your journey and what you might be struggling with and your #mwdreams.

just be yourself. that's enough. @mostwantedusa

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