July 27, 2018


I know it's still July and we don't want to be thinking about fall, but here at Most Wanted were in fall mode! Getting our new collection ready is always a very fun and creative time for us. Our latest photoshoot we did in Central Park. 

Here are some sneak peaks of the photoshoot! 

We went with a picnic theme because we thought the bags would look really nice against the blue blanket and the green grass. 

Our shoots never last too long they are normally and hour to two hours depending on how much planning we do before hand. For this shoot me and Claire spent one afternoon walking around the park scooting the best locations so we knew exactly the feel and look we were going for. Gathering all of our props were easy because most of it was stuff we owned and our course our fall line! 

How excited are you guys for our new fall items? Leave a comment down below on what you think we have added! 

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