Capturing Life's Fleeting Moments, with Laurie's Little Ones

July 28, 2017

Capturing Life's Fleeting Moments, with Laurie's Little Ones

 We feel honored and humbled to be able to introduce you to soulful creative, Laurie Maliawco of Lauries Little Ones. Laurie has such a unique perspective on life and what is important to cherish throughout the everyday. 
It wasn't until the birth of Laurie's third child that she really began diving head first into the realm of  photography. Due to her desire to capture the fleeting moments she'd experience each day with her family, Laurie launched Laurie's Little Ones as a way to catalog and share these precious experiences. 
Her story is truly inspiring, so we encourage  you to read on to learn more. 
  • When you first launched your Instagram account, did you do so with the goal of having it grow as large as it has? Or did this start out as a hobby for you originally?

I joined Instagram late in my third pregnancy, just over three years ago. I stumbled upon the app and decided to join without really understanding what the platform was all about. Once my new baby arrived, I felt compelled to document life with a newborn as much as possible, since I know how fleeting those days are. From there, my daily iPhone captures became my creative outlet and posting to Instagram is virtually my only hobby. I am surprised and humbled at how large my following has become, as this was never my goal.

  • You're so talented at capturing the everyday moments you have with your children. Before you had children, did you practice photography or did your children inspire you to pick up a camera? 

My interest in photography developed initially once I became a mother. It wasn’t until I was expecting my third baby that I was introduced to the world of Instagram. This exposure sparked a new passion within me. I became deeply inspired by other mothers who seemed to have an exceptional ability to capture their everyday lives in a beautiful, magical way. This is when I began to look at photography differently and focused on the simple, daily documentation of our days. All of my photos are taken with my iPhone. I’ve upgraded over the years and currently use an iPhone 7 plus which I love. I hope that my interest in photography continues to develop as my children get older.

  • How do you strike a balance between staying authentic to your followers, while also maintaining privacy?

Because mobile photography is so easy and convenient, I find myself taking photos and sharing them in real time. Most of my captures are simple, everyday moments with my children at our home. Oftentimes, I’ll take a photo in the morning which I will share an hour or two later (typically during nap or quiet time). In an effort to maintain privacy, I try not to overshare and I don’t normally post images of our whereabouts. I am also very cognizant of maintaining the privacy of my children, so I hesitate to share certain issues or challenges that they may be facing.

  • Walk us through what a typical day looks like for you. 

My youngest and I typically get the older children off to school and we return home to begin our day. I work to get all of our chores done before nap time since things get hectic just after school between snacks, homework, dinner prep, showers, etc. My goal is to accomplish as much as possible early in the day which makes for a less stressful evening. Once the children are home from school, we work on our end of day routine which always concludes with a final scroll through Instagram.

  • How do you foster a creative environment for yourself? 

I’ve made it a point to find the beauty in our every day and I work to capture these moments. I study how the light filters through our home and my iPhone is always on hand. Peaceful, quiet time is very important to us and I encourage our older children to pursue quiet activities like flipping through books or imaginary play. During this time, our youngest naps which allows me the opportunity to care for myself. I use this peaceful time to indulge in my creative outlet of photography and writing which can be therapeutic. Watching my youngest sleep brings about a peaceful calm and fresh perspective which is critical when caring for three young children. Further, these quiet captures of my son napping, has resulted in my "Xander by the Window" series which is something I’ve truly come to treasure.

  • What advice do you have for those trying to balance motherhood, career, and self-care?

I don’t have much advice when it comes to this elusive, coveted balance. I simply try to remember to be gentle with myself and realize that some days will be easier than others. There will be periods of time where things just seem to fall into place, while other days will feel daunting and overwhelming. I try to keep things in perspective and realize that the hard days will pass, just as the good days will. While some days can seem long, this season of motherhood is fleeting and I work to embrace it. 

  • What does the #MostWantedDreams mentality mean to you?

We don’t always have clearly defined dreams, but it is important to recognize them no matter what our current situation or circumstance may be. Sometimes, opportunities arise when we least expect them, so be sure to seek them out! Follow your passions, work to inspire others and good things are sure to come…


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