Back to School Fashion Trends!

August 31, 2018

Back to School Fashion Trends!

Whether you're going back to school or just looking for some new clothes, here is a break down of some new trends I've been seeing. 

1. Plaid Dress: A typical pattern for work pants or a cozy top reworked into a skirt or dress has been very popular recently. I personally stay away from plaid pants because I think they can sometimes be too formal looking, but this dress is a perfect way to wear plaid casually.

2. Blazer: Blazers sometimes can be tricky to style. Sometimes I think of them as cardigans to make them feel less intimidating. Throw a blazer over a casual dress or t-shirt and jeans and instantly look 10x cooler. 

3. Pink and Green Top: As much as I hated the trend in the beginning, I've actually changed my mind and started to enjoy it. It's much easier than you think to get the right amount of miss-matched and still look put together. 

4. Coca Cola Sweatshirt: Seen on EmRata and Hailey Baldwin, Coca Cola has been collaborating with really cool brands like ASOS and Kith. 

5. Champion Top: A huge trend is the athletic trend which is making Champion and Adidas really popular. These logo tees pair perfectly with jeans or biker shorts for a casual day look. 

 All these pics are from ASOS. 

PS: ASOS is having a labor day sale for 20% off! 


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