An Introduction to Most Wanted USA

November 10, 2016

An Introduction to Most Wanted USA

Created out of passion for the dream to not only design great products, but to also inspire others, Most Wanted USA was born. In August 2015 sister duo, Jenny and Irene Yiu, decided to turn their dream into a reality and have been designing genuine leather accessories ever since.

The sister duo came up with the name 'Most Wanted USA', because it highlights the subtle western aesthetic of their designs, and also alludes to the sisters' mission to always chase after their #mostwanteddream together. 

We want to take you behind the scenes now, and offer you the chance to get to know the founders themselves a little bit better. Enjoy the interview below!

"When did you first come up with the idea for Most Wanted USA? Have you always been interested in fashion and knew that you'd want to launch your own brand, or is this a recent passion?"

"As children, we always had a lingering childhood dream to build a business together and not necessarily pertaining to fashion. I remember we had ideas to write a series of books that we planned would eventually become a movie franchise and another where we’d build a franchised hotel in major cities called "Around the World" that would feature suites designed in the image of different countries and cultures. Anyways, our entrepreneurial mindset never really faded. By the time we’re out in the real world, we both needed a trendy leather bag that was professional enough to wear to work yet trendy for weekend get-togethers. So, Irene thought of a collection of very wearable leather bags with a rustic yet minimal aesthetic. It has a bit of western boho flair that pairs well with our leather textures."  


What does the product design process look like? 

"Irene is constantly ruminating different ideas of bags 24/7, sometimes while window shopping, sometimes on the subway, and sometimes during breakfast. The bags are a culmination of her thoughts and ideas. Once she has an idea she jots everything down, sketches a bit and creates a prototype. Then she spends a few months at a time overseas in different manufactures finding the perfect material or textures to create a full collection. When all the prototyping and testing is finished, we have the finished product ready to hit the stores! Or know the limitless space of ecommerce!"

Being a sister team, what is it like to work with family on a daily basis? What advice do you have for those who want to do the same?

"There are lots of benefits to work with family, the biggest being that we have the same upbringing. Our parents definitely instilled a spirit of hard work to later reap awesome traits and ! And of course, when awesome events happen, it is that much more exciting to share the news with each other, our parents and loved ones together!

For others looking to work together with family or a close friend, we would suggest setting aside time for work and time to just be sisters/friends/family so that work will not permeate other parts of your life or relationship."

Where do you find inspiration for new product designs? 

"Everyday life, travels, or happenings in life! Of course, feedback from our awesome customers and what they want to see next! We want our followers to be happy and be constantly surprised by a new style, fabric or functionality!"

Explain what your overall mission is behind Most Wanted USA. What do you want new customers/followers to take away from your brand? 

"We believe that every person has a most desired or most wanted dream, whether from childhood or just derived from everyday life. For us, it is building this company together, to bring this childhood dream to life! So what we want our customers and followers to take away is to constantly be inspired  never give up on those inner dreams whether small or HUGE!"  

For those who wish to get to know more about you and Most Wanted USA and how to pursue their own #MostWantedDreams, what would you say to them?

"Self Reflection and knowing what you want you want out of life and whether you are happy or not. For a short time before Most Wanted I thought I wanted to become someone who would connect foreign investors to the rising US natural gas market! But after a while in a corporate office life I realized that I wasn’t really that happy. When my sister proposed this idea, I JUMPED at the chance! That was when I knew that I really wanted to take this leap of faith."     

You can find Most Wanted USA pieces at over 600 boutiques across the U.S., Japan and Europe, as well as through brands like Free People and

 We offer handcrafted bags, bracelets, coin purses, bag charms and more.

We are so excited to embark on this adventure with you, and can’t wait to hear what your own #MostWantedDreams are. Share your story with us over on Instagram: @MostWantedUSA, as well as in the comments below.

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